Frequently Asked Questions


1. Has the developer consulted with the authorities or existing residents?

The developer has undertaken significant consultation with local, state and federal departments over the past two years and held a number of public consultation sessions, two of these community drop-in sessions held in May this year. This has resulted in considerable design evolution and amendments to the original development plans which have shaped their current form.

The City of Joondalup are currently advertising the proposed amendment to the Iluka Structure Plan (LSP) and Local Development Plan (LDP) and your comments are invited. Further detail can be found at the following link

2. What documents will be submitted for assessment soon?

Two strategic planning documents called a Local Structure Plan Amendment (LSP) and Local Development Plan (LDP) were submitted to the City of Joondalup by the owner of the town centre site. These are currently out for public comment. The purpose of these documents is further explained below:

  1. Local Structure Plan Amendment (LSP) - The past and current development of the Beaumaris Beach land estate is primarily governed by a strategic planning document called the Iluka Structure Plan. This Structure Plan is approximately 20 years old and as such requires some amendments to cater for our intended village development.   
  2. Local Development Plan (LDP) – A LDP is a planning document which more specifically relates to built form on one site. It provides for site-specific planning controls such as building heights, parking, vehicle access and active (retail) frontages. This plan operates within the land use guidance in the abovementioned LSP, and sets out the key criteria that a future Development Application is required to comply with.

3. How many stories will the development be?

The development will be predominantly three storeys, with the exception of a fourth storey element on the corner of Burns Beach Road and O’Mara Boulevard. Please refer to the building sections in the Gallery showing a cross section of this.

4. Will the Precinct have sufficient parking on site?

The number of parking bays contained in and around the precinct will be sufficient to cater for its building users and visitors. One of the design teams goals has been to design the basement and street parking in a way that allows the private (apartment) bays to all be contained in the basement and then have all of the visitor bays easily accessible on street level.

The exact number of car bays and their location will be the subject of scrutiny by the design team and the authorities when the detailed design information is known and contained in the Development Application to be submitted in the future.

5. Will there be additional traffic through the surrounding residential streets?

With any new development, there will be additional vehicles coming and going. However, by locating the basement entry ramp off Burns Beach Road the majority of cars entering and exiting from the new development will not need to enter the residential streets.

6. How will deliveries and rubbish collection be managed?

It is proposed that all rubbish removal and commercial deliveries will occur off Burns Beach Road via a loading bay. This will be subject to approval from the City of Joondalup. The apartment rubbish will be collected in the basement and removed via a private contractor.

7.I live on Santos VistA. what will I be looking at?

Within the Gallery is an image showing the ‘Street View Along Santos Vista’. In addition, the ‘Consistent Relative Height’ section in the Gallery shows how the three storey built form along Santos Vista sits in comparison to the existing single and double storey houses.

Significant design work has informed the current building façade articulation and textures, low profile, and positive and negative spaces to ensure that this three storey interface with the existing residents is respectfully designed.

8. How many and what type of shops will there be along O’Mara Boulevard?

Given the passage of time and the significant growth in other retail centres such as Currambine, it is generally agreed between all stakeholders that the most appropriate retail outcome will be in the form of local shops, restaurants and cafes fronting both sides of O'Mara Boulevard.

To ensure this is delivered in the future, the LSP will mandate a minimum retail/commercial floor area on the south town centre site of 830m2, and slightly less on the north of approximately 750m2. 

9. When is construction expected to start?

The LSP and LDP is currently progressing through the normal assessment and determination process and is currently out for public comment. The authorities have advised that this approvals process could take another 6-8 months to progress through the system, however it is hoped that it won’t take this long.

Upon gaining approval to the LSP and LDP, more detailed and tailored Development Applications will be able to be lodged and assessed, well before any construction can commence.

10. When is construction expected to be complete?

Upon construction commencing, we estimate it will take approximately two years to complete the development. 

11.Will I be able to review and comment on a detailed Development Application in the future?

Yes, the future Development Applications for this site will be advertised for comment as part of the normal assessment and determination process conducted by the authorities.